I MET COLE SPROUSE and acted like an idiot

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So today I went to Washington Square park AND I MET COLE SPROUSE

So my friend and I went to this park for a festival.  While we were walking around, I thought I saw someone who looked a LOT like Cole Sprouse (aka Riverdale celeb, but this was pre Riverdale fame).  Then I heard a gaggle of fangirls freaking out and shouting “ZACK AND CODY ARE YOU COLE SPROUSE?”

So then I was like…obvs it’s Cole. I saw Jughead (again this was pre Riverdale but whatever) run away from the screaming women to sit under a tree and find peace and solitude. Not on my watch.

My friend and I went to sit by a fountain to debate whether or not it was Cole. We worked at a summer program and brought one of the students with us. The student was ready for me to meet the celeb crush of my dreams, so she grabbed my hand so we could walk by him to see if it was him. AND IT WAS. We forced my friend to come sit with us in the grass relatively near him, so that we could be extremely creepy and invasive. Then I made a quick pros and cons list to figure out if I should talk to him. I decided YOLO. So I walk over…

Here is the conversation:

Me: Hey!

Cole Sprouse: *jumps* Hey!

Me: Sorry!

Him: It’s okay you just startled me.

Me: I was just wondering what you were reading

Him: A book…(then he said the title something about loose thread)

Me: Oh cool.  Sorry if people do this a lot, do they do this a lot? I didn’t want to invade your privacy but I figured you wouldn’t say hey to me so…

Him: If you were like *does crazy waving motion* I probably would have.

Me: Haha. I’m Celina

Him: Cole

Me: Cole. We should get coffee…do you want my number?

Him: Sure (but does not reach for phone)

Me: Are you gonna remember it?

Him: Yeah

Me: Should I sit? (My brain was melting so somehow I thought he would want to continue talking to me, this random girl in the park)

Him: um…


Him: Yeah I’ll just keep my privacy (he said this in a nice way, not like a “you a crazy witch” way)

Me: Haha oh okay have a good day byeeeeeeeee

So what I’m saying is that I blacked out and tried to give future Jughead of River dale my number. Poor poor Cole just wanted to read a book.

Anyways, I tweeted him about how I was a dork. Cest la vie. I am aware that this was insane and not how we should treat celebrities.

Author’s Note: Four years later Celina here: I no longer approach celebrities and try to give them my number. However, it probably helps that I haven’t seen another celebrity since.



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