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You’re hiring me to authentically engage with your customers – so it makes sense that you want to see how this has worked for my past clients. Check out how my services have changed past and present clients’ businesses.

The Big Retreat Wales

“Since Celina started managing our social media accounts about a month ago we’ve gained around 1000 followers who truly like our brand. She produces consistent quality content that attracts our target audience and leads to more ticket sales for our wellness festival.”
– Amber Lort-Phillips, The Big Retreat Wales

Gained 1000+ followers in the first three weeks of my services

Platforms: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter

Services Provided: posting daily, engaging within niche hashtags, reaching out to followers and future followers, creating captions content, creating graphics, and sourcing hashtags.

I recently ran a giveaway that cost TBRW nothing (love a bargain), and in less than a week they gained over 300 followers, over 400 profile visits, and reached 14,509 accounts.

The post below gave The Big Retreat Wales their highest organic engagement rate yet, and did better than 90% of their recent posts.

Mimi Mother of Warriors

Platforms: Instagram & FB

Services provided: posting daily, engaging within niche hashtags, reaching out to future followers, creating caption content, creating graphics, and sourcing hashtags.

Meera came to me with an amazing project; she is writing a book about her experience with grief, and wants to help others in their grief. We brought her account back to life and have a very engaged audience, with a steady stream of new followers and an added new target audience.

SORSO Tomato Sauce

Deborah O’Grady: The Brand Coach

Platforms: Instagram, Facebook (Page & Group)

Services provided: posting daily, engaging within niche hashtags, reaching out to future followers, creating caption content, creating graphics, and sourcing hashtags.

In less than three weeks Deborah O’Grady has seen more than a 14% increase in Instagram followers – wihtout any ads, bots, or contests. She’s now gained over 700 followers from her target audience (in less than 3 months, without Instagram ads)

Deborah’s Facebook Group grew 24% in less than three weeks via Facebook interactions and funneling (yuck, hate that word, but has to be said) from her Instagram.

Need help with a launch? Deborah’s launch pop up Facebook group has 103 members from just a week of promo; over half of these members were from my organic posts and engagement (i.e.

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I feel very lucky that my job is to tell people how special they are. When I'm creating a brand strategy for my clients its my job to figure this out. To understand their USP; that special something that only they have and how they need to deliver it to be heard by their people. I describe their values and personality and why I see these traits, i create messaging; heart felt words that resonates with them and that's when the tears often come, tears of joy that I CAN SEE YOU.✨💫 All those times when you've doubted yourself and felt you could be and do better, but you’re actually being seen; being seen as you really are! I see something special in everyone, because we are all so unique and amazing in our own way. We all admire someone, but do we always tell them? IMAGINE if we told everyone we ever met what we admire about them, what we see in them and how they make us feel. Imagine a world full of nice words.✨💫 Tag someone below who you admire and tell them what you admire or love about them. 🧡 It feels sooo good and they deserve to know. 🙏 #brandingagency #personalcoaching #femininerising #goddesspower #brandingexpert #warriorgoddess #goddesscircle #womenempowered #personalbrand #goddessflow #goddessgang #brandstrategist #womenwholead #risesisterrise #goddesstribe #womensempowerment #brandcoach #brandingmyself #sacredsisterhood #goddessenergy #lifecoachtowomen #empowher #powerwoman #fearlessfemale #brandconsultant #branddevelopment #queensonlyy #girlssupportgirls #leadingladies #brandstrategy

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I’ve worked with many small companies building their brand through social media. Here are some smaller projects I worked on in the past.

The Au Pair Blog Instagram and Twitter: I managed the Twitter account on a freelance basis, and created the Instagram from scratch, both on and off for about a year.

TEFL Educator Twitter: I created this Twitter account and provided pre-written tweets for the client to post.