Results Portfolio

You’re hiring me to authentically engage with your customers – so it makes sense that you want to see how this has worked for my past clients. Check out how my services have changed clients’ businesses.

The Big Retreat Wales

Gained 1000+ followers in the first three weeks of my services

Platforms: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter

Services Provided: posting daily, engaging within niche hashtags, reaching out to followers and future followers, creating captions content, creating graphics, and sourcing hashtags.

I recently ran a giveaway that cost TBRW nothing (love a bargain), and in less than a week they gained over 300 followers, over 400 profile visits, and reached 14,509 accounts.

The post below gave The Big Retreat Wales their highest engagement rate yeat, and did better than 90% of their recent posts previous to my services.

Deborah O’Grady: The Brand Coach

Platforms: Instagram, Facebook (Page & Group)

Services provided: posting daily, engaging within niche hashtags, reaching out to future followers, creating caption content, creating graphics, and sourcing hashtags.

In less than three weeks Deborah O’Grady has seen more than a 14% increase in Instagram followers – wihtout any ads, bots, or contests.

Deborah’s Facebook Group grew 24% in less than three weeks via Facebook interactions and funneling (yuck, hate that word, but has to be said) from her Instagram.

I’ve worked with many small companies building their brand through social media. Here are some smaller projects I worked on in the past.

The Au Pair Blog Instagram and Twitter: I managed the Twitter account on a freelance basis, and created the Instagram from scratch, both on and off for about a year.

TEFL Educator Twitter: I created this Twitter account and provided pre-written tweets for the client to post.