Celina’s Writing

Celina is a freelancer who is currently transitioning to full time freelance writing and a digital nomad lifestyle. Celina especially enjoys writing personal essays, travel stories and advice, relationship pieces, and anything that justifies her doing something crazy. Selected writing samples are below. Celina currently freelances with a content agency where she focuses on SEO copy. Much of Celina’s portfolio is ghostwritten (samples available upon request) on topics such as dating, travel, and coffee, to name a few.


Celina’s Guide, Where to Stay in Paris



I Paid $25 for a Fake Boyfriend to Text Me

HostelMe Hostel Reviews

Celina’s Review of Student Haus Elephant and Castle in London

Celina’s Review of Hostel MOJO Prague

LumiTea: Lifestyle, Health, and Fitness (Selected Below)

5 Foods Good for Lowering Cholesterol

5 New Jewelry Trends for Summer

Healthy Brunch Ideas

Running Tips

Unique Gifter Gift Guide List Articles

Celina Tolbert’s Articles on Unique Gifter

Quirky Daily 

Celina Tolbert on QuirkyDaily.com – All articles. Selected below:

My First Kiss Was a Stage Kiss

The Quirky Best Friend


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