How I Got My TEFL & Teaching Job

While I was an au pair in Paris, I was looking for other ways to work and live abroad. After searching for a while, I found that getting a TEFL certification is a great way to find English teaching jobs across the world. So, without a clear destination in mind, I got my TEFL through TEFL Educator, a decision I’m happy I made.

TEFL Educator is a TEFL certification company that has both online and in person TEFL courses. I chose to do online, as I was already living and working in Paris at the time. For their online courses, I had the choice of a 60, 80, 120, or 140 hour certification class. Many jobs are looking for at least 120, so I chose to do the 140 as it included all the certifications from the 120 hour certification (Teaching Business English, Teaching TOEFL®, IELTS®, TOEIC® and other Standardized Examinations, and Teaching Hotel and Resort English) as well as the TEYL, Teaching English to Young Learners certification.

The class consists of reading ebooks, utilizing the 40+ videos and ten podcasts, completing an exam, and creating multiple lesson plans. I was able to contact an instructor 24/7 via emails with any questions about the course. They also offer free Skype tutoring, which is unique in the TEFL certification business. Basically this company has a really personal touch, and I felt very prioritized and attended to throughout the entire course (and during the job search after).

After I completed the course I was emailed copies of all of my certifications and sent original copies (which overseas employers might want to see). TEFL Educator was helpful in providing information on different cities I had questions about working in (that people in the company have firsthand experience with). They have connections in many cities and were happy to recommend me to some schools they have worked with.

As for my job in China, I have decided to work with EF in Shanghai at one of their Kids & Teens centers. As I have experience in childcare and the 140 hour course gave me a TEYL certification, this seemed like a great fit for me. During my interview with EF I was able to choose my location from many cities in China. EF has given me a great employment package and I am excited to work with them this fall. If you are looking to work in China, most schools (that I looked at) wanted potential employees to have a 4 year degree and at least a 120 hour TEFL certification. If you’d like me to refer you to EF, feel free to contact me here or at

If you’re interested in getting your 120 or 140 hour TEFL certification, I have a discount code to make this affordable certification an even better deal. If you got to this TEFL Discount Page and use the password “Celina” you can access the 120 hour TEFL Certification and 140 hour TEFL Certification for a $30 discount – the 120 hour course for only $168 and the 140 hour course for $188. These certifications are recognized worldwide and were essential in helping me find a way to live abroad again.

Do you have any questions about getting a TEFL certification, TEFL Educator, finding a job, or working in China? Comment below and I’m happy to answer!

3 thoughts on “How I Got My TEFL & Teaching Job

  1. Love this! This is something I’ve always considered, and while I still am not totally sure, it’s so good to know how to go about it!


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