Why I’m Moving Abroad Even Though I’m Terrified

I’m scared y’all. In fact, I’m terrified. A week from now I’m moving to a country I’ve never visited (France, for those who haven’t been following my au pair adventure) to live in a city where I have almost no friends. I’m putting my life in two suitcases and leaving the only country I’ve ever known to go on a crazy adventure. And although I’m excited to move abroad and live my expat dream, I’m also really afraid.

I’m afraid that I won’t make friends and the family I’m au pairing for won’t like me. I’m afraid I’ll say something horrible in French and embarrass myself out of the country, making me a nomad with no home. I’m afraid the stylish skinny people will turn up their nose at my frumpy frame and trying too hard outfits. I’m scared that I’ll be alone in the city of love. I’m scared because I’ve never been out of America, no matter how cool and cultured I try to be. I’m scared I’ll lose my friends back home and everything will be different when I return.

I’m terrified of change.

But what I’m more afraid of is never doing anything. I’m terrified of never doing anything and never going anywhere. I’m afraid of sitting on my laptop for the rest of my life watching other people accomplish what I dream of. I’m scared of staying in my comfort zone and missing out on adventures and relationships. I’m afraid of living a stagnant life.

So I’m leaving my safe comfort zone and heading out with the digital nomads and American expats worldwide. I’m going to live so that I don’t have to ask what if. I’m going to follow my dream and go on an adventure that will change my life. I’m moving abroad – because I’m terrified.

So here goes nothing. Follow me on my au pair experience in Paris and see where it takes me.

Spoiler alert from Celina in the future: All roads lead back to Paris 😉




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41 thoughts on “Why I’m Moving Abroad Even Though I’m Terrified

  1. Sometimes the scariest things turn into the best adventures! Don’t worry about the French stereotypes, the majority of people are absolutely lovely (I say this from my own experience of living in eastern France last year!)


  2. its okay to be afraid, but its over comming that fear thats going to make everything every move every person worth it, even the couple you’ll meet on the plane and never see again, everything is an adventurous and if you love yourself youll never be alone.


  3. Well, I ‘m french and I’m lovely! Well, I like to think so! I will be moving to France soon, perhaps one day you and I will run into each other! We could talk about writing or blogging! Enjoy!


  4. Don’t be scared! You are about to go on the adventure of a lifetime. You will make so many new friends and speak French so well you will blend in with the locals after a few months. Good luck, can’t wait to hear about it! 😀


  5. That same feeling is exactly what made finish my first novel and publish it four years ago. Now I’m heading into my fifth year as an author and my life is forever changed – for the better. Good luck in France!


  6. YOU GO GIRL! I tell myself that even though I might be scared, that I need to start making big decisions and try new things so that I can just EXPERIENCE other places and other people! You’ll do great, you’ll meet lots of friends, and you’ll have a ball!

    Rachel / http://www.seashellsandsparkles.com


  7. Don’t be afraid. Be curious. Also, don’t worry. Just be yourself. I’ve spent many years visiting Paris and other parts of France, luckily, because my better half is a Frenchman and grew up in Paris and summered in St. Tropez. I’ve learned that all you need are the basics in the French language. Be polite for politeness and manners will many over. As far as the way you dress–listen, those photos you see in magazines and blogs–most of it is smoke and mirrors. Dress simply and throw on a scarf. Don’t worry. Just enjoy the fact you will be living in a city that many of us can only dream about living in! Best of luck to you!


  8. Good luck – I remember feeling much the same when I moved here, had to learn Finnish and yes I still say embarassing things – the verbs to like and to kill are more or less pronounced the same but it does break the ice!


  9. Good for you Celina! I am sure it will work out wonderfully. I packed my bags and left home aged 18 before internet and email. It was scary, hard and awesome all at the same time. It also made me who I am today so I don’t regret it for a minute. Cant wait to hear about your adventures!

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  10. Wow girl well done!! I loved reading this. It’s absolutely normal to have these fears- I remember as the plane was getting close to Maldives, although I was looking down thinking “HOLY HELL THIS IS WHERE I’M GOING TO LIVE FOR A YEAR!” I was also thinking “I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT THIS IS GOING TO BE LIKE AHHH” Hahha, but I had the most amazing time, and I’m sure you will too.

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  11. hey! i found your blog from the blogging college group 🙂 what are you doing in Paris?! this is going to be so exciting!! I hope your more excited than nervous 🙂 i’m leaving in 3 weeks to study abroad in italy!!

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  12. You are right you have to take risks. I know this one is going to pay off for you. It is totally normal to be anxious about change, I think recognizing and accepting that helps. If it is getting to you to much, I think meditation might help you find peace.

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  13. Thanks for sharing; I appreciate your honesty! That’s the first step, right? Admitting it? 😉 I think you will do great – the piece of you that is taking this leap is the piece that will help you succeed while there. And also, someone important once said that courage is not the absence of fear but doing the things in spite of the fear. So you go and have a fantastic time! Bon voyage!

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  14. You’ve got this! I’ve done it twice now and its always terrifying and at times you’ll probably be miserable, but you can get through it. My biggest piece of advice is make friends as fast as possible. They will make you feel more at home, be able to help you navigate life, and show you all the great things in your new city.


  15. Any time I am afraid, I remember this book title “Feel The Fear And Do It Anyway”, by Susan Jeffers (great book by the way if you are looking for a book for your trip). Good for you for doing it anyway. You will love France. Know that it is going to be different and go with the flow. Have a wonderful adventure.


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